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Vivibright GP100 3200 Lumens Video Projector Kit, Includes 2 Items – Basic Version Vivibright GP100 Projector and Meross MS110 Smart WiFi Plug


  • 1 Vivibright Gp100 Video Projector Basic Version + 1 Meross MS110 Smart WIFI Plug
  • Vivibright GP100 is a whole new projector for home cinema. 3200 lumens ( typical ) LED light utilization efficiency, HD level 1280 x 800 pixels physical resolution. This means that your picture quality is very clear. WXGA resolution ( 1280 x 800 ) offers 3.5x more resolution than SVGA ( 800 x 480 ) for HD image content. 3200 lumens LED light utilization efficiency, the higher power of the LED light source has enough optical efficiency.
  • 30000 hours of entertainment. It means that the lamp does not have to be replaced for 10 years even if the projector is used 8 hours every day
  • Built-in speaker with stereo sound experience. Immerse yourself in the musical sound and relax
  • Display type: LCD
  • Meross MS110 Smart WIFI Plug is Compatible with Amazon Alexa, it can be controlled from
    anywhere with your meross app ( iOS, Android, also support Google Play App ). It allows you to turn the connected devices on and off, and to set schedules or auto-off timer routine around your daily needs. Moreover, after pairing with Amazon Alexa, users can simply control the connected devices with voice commands.